Hiyaly Sweets General Election 2021 1st place

It was a post of hissa
I'm very happy news.

7held in two months from August 1st to August 31st.
Road Station Hiyaly Suites General Election 2021
The results of the vote have been announced!

I entered as a representative of Michi-no-Eki Miyama
Our "Matcha Parfait Yozu"
160 snack sweets in western Japan
We were at the top!!!

I got a lot of votes.
Thank you very much.
In fact, in the company, "What are you going to do?
What were you talking about?
A whopping 1154 votes, 4-4!

Thanks to everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I was moved to tears by the comments I received along with the vote.

In addition, up to 3rd place
Road station in chikugo district in southern Fukuoka Prefecture!
I'm glad this is again.(*´▽`*)
Thank you very much.

Mizuchaya Totokuan staff

Mizuchaya Jitokuan celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Mizuchaya Totokuan on May 21
Celebrated the 3rd anniversary of its opening.㊗
Helped by everyone around me,
And most of all, please visit us.
It is the third anniversary of each customer🍵

In coronal calamity,
I can't do a big event,
From now on, all the staff
I will continue to devote myself without forgetting my first mind.

Next year there will be a lively event
May I do it.✨✨✨

Please give my best regards in the future.

Store when opening

Current store

The effect of new !!!

Hello, I'm the owner.

I don't think it's rainy season.
I'm surprised, it's still mid-May!
The season when it is easy to spend originally,
It's time to enjoy fresh green.

Just because the rainy season is early.
I don't think it's early after the rainy season,
Is this year just that the rainy season is long?(-_-;)

Well, I switched my 、、、

Shipment of new tea plans of co-ops and convenience stores of our business partners
we are at our peak.

Every day, we have various kinds of delicious new tea from different production areas.
Tea House Privilege(smile)

Have you drank new tea now?

Of course, the reason for drinking new tea is
"I want to drink delicious tea."
"Because I want to taste the feeling of the season"
"Because I want to relax"
"I want to be fine."

I think that each person.

Not only tea, but also seasonal ones,
It's very luxurious, isn't it?(*´▽`*)

My friend Masae Ichikawa, who is a tea shop in Tokyo
I will share the following after being sent a wonderful content about shincha w


In order to respond to the change of the season, we will have seasonal food.
Natural intake of necessary nutrients (and delicious!) You can, and
It is also the wisdom that humans spend energeticly as part of the natural world.

In fact, seasonal ingredients have excellent nutritional value,
Above all, there is an invisible energy,
It is said to give us vitality.

As for new tea,
Components contained in the "bud part" that actively divides cells,
A mechanism for activating immune cells by single-stranded ribonucleic acid has been announced.

Certainly, I used the nutrition that I stored slowly and quietly during the winter with all my might,
The energy and power that sprouts first,
I imagine that it is full of vitality.

An old person said, "If you drink new tea, you can spend a year healthy with disease-free".
It's amazing because it makes sense, not superstition.

When I wasn't researching, I knew it.
In harmony with nature, the five senses are used, and the function as a person
Were they sharpened more than modern people?

It is said that "cell oxidation" is one of the causes of brain fatigue, body fatigue, etc.
If you drink new tea, the "antioxidant action" that prevents oxidation is super strong! You can also take "catechin" together.

It's a good thing!!! are(smile)


New tea is really good.

More than a year has passed since the coronal calamity.
Of course, I think vaccines are also important.
First of all, it is most important to increase the immunity of your body.

Japanese tea may be too familiar to come to the pin,
It's the best drink for immunity up!

Let's improve your immunity with new tea in season now!

Yame Shincha picked at night at 88 nights

88 nights approaching summer

The 88th day is called 88 nights in number from The Spring
The new tea that I picked around this time
As a sacrosil medicine for disease-free and longevity
It has been highly weighted.

May 1st was 88th night this year.(Be: ')

We will guide you to the new tea picked at night!

↑Click to go to the information page(^^)

What is shincha in the first place?

Shincha is the first tea. It's the same feeling as new rice or new potatoes.
Oh, new onions are very soft and sweet!
The freshness is different because the leaves are soft and fresh.

Shincha is a "new bud" that sprouted only after winter.
Because the bud part repeats cell division very actively
If you drink it, the human body will also be activated and it will lead to immunity up!
Most of all, you will be healed by the scent of young leaves.(#^^ #)

It's a new tea during the tasting.

Why is it new tea season?
Next time, I will talk about the effect effect of new tea!!!

2021Information on New Tea in 2008






Left for half a year(^_^;)


Ah,In the mean time, one month is about to pass again this year.

Indeed, since July of last year, we have left the update of this site for six months.

There have been many things in the last six months,
If you look back one by one, it's going to be a very long sentence, so I'll break it www

However, there are some new products out, so I will introduce them after tomorrow!