It's Golden Week!

Hi, I'm Uchida!

It's finally golden week rush.

What do you do for ten consecutive holidays?

What's so great is that the era will change during this holiday.

I think that may 7th, the end of the consecutive holidays, will cause panic in many ways.(smile)

Well, we tea industry is busy with new tea at this time of year. Of course, golden week is full rotation(^o^.)

Yame Tea Co., Ltd. Honpo Head Office is manufactured and shipped new tea for co-op, convenience stores, and major supermarkets.

Mizuchaya Kitokuan is the first Golden Week, so i'm not too good at preparing tea products as well as soft ice cream and parfait.(*^^*)

Yamecha Honpo Kitokuan, which is the head office, is basically closed in the mail order business only this year. Please go to Mizuchaya Kitokuan in the michieki Miyama food court for shopping!

The number of new tea products is increasing little by little.

Please come to Mizuchaya Kitokuan during Golden Week!