2018April 2008

Is water tea house Tatsuki Hermitage staff recruiting

Miyama Station RoadIn the food court

5Late openWater tea tree tokuan(The danger and Ju special too)

We are looking for staff!

Concentrated green tea soft with a delicious tea.

Guests almost gone stiff I'll have to!

In the way station Miyama-food court
Water tea tree tokuan
Fukuoka-Shi Miyama setaka town OE 2328

Sales of tea and simple cooking(sweets)The provision of goods

Tea products, etc.... private, gift, souvenir, etc.
Tea drinks... hot, ice cream
Green tea soft, sweet tea, suites

9 (1):00~13:30
(2) 13:30~18:00
11 (3):00~15:30             
Or 9.:00~18:00Of 4 hours between the
* Saturday and Sunday work if possible

800Yen-(experience is advantageous. )

Private car commuting-friendly
Uniform rental
◆ ◆ information "of jobs available! "And please contact ◆ ◆

YaME-tea honpo co., Ltd.(Head Office)
Call forwarding0944-63-6711
YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan(Shop)
Call forwarding0944-63-6095

Knowledge see fresh tea is in stock now.

Hello! YaME-tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida is.
Just this cold until cold, I say!
Warm is hot the past(^_^;)
Well, unusually warm days followed, early new year tea!
Kagoshima Prefecture production knowledge refer new teaWe have in stock.
And I exclusively fresh tea is good! ~( *Be Eulalia ')