2018Also, thank thank you.

2017Years now and just after.

And this year was what year?

And we had good
Thank you so much was not.

But it also all the
We need it for the future
The original we are getting into the air!

Starts a new business in the spring.
It is already now thrills and spills.
(For more information, will tell you, dawn)

Gentlemen, please happy new year wishes.
2018Also, thank thank you.

YaME-tea honpo co., Ltd.
Representative Director Shigeru Uchida

Up to 30 days, in Miyama Station-Road stores from tomorrow

YaME-tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida is.
Finally got today are left this year, 5.
It is somewhat hectic.(*^_^*)

Now, notice.

Tomorrow for 30 days 3 days from 12/28
Near shopMiyama Station RoadOf the OTC
In a new year's day supply special corner
Do the over-the-counter sale of tea.

From the familiar YaME-tea tea cans heaped
A nice little tea for the new year,
Roasted green tea, teapots, tea will be sold.

Miyama Station-Road, yesterday made the new year's corner.
This morning I was crowded with lots of.

From tomorrow for 3 days
Tea will be sold at the road station Miyama.

Please stop by!

YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan, end of year and new year holiday schedule

Hello! YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan fujiyoshi is(*^_^*)
Our Christmas is how did you spend?
The shop owner UchidaI wrote on the blogBut
The world again yesterday in the early stages of 25
From Christmas year end/new year holiday mode
It had switched(smile)
We will by switching the display since this morning.
Well, Christmas is past,
Finally end in the new year hurriedly makes.
Celebrates the new year and spring cleaning preparing...
But I like the atmosphere of this late ~!
We will be best business 12/29 up!
[End of year holidays industry news]
At the happy holidays end as shown below.
Inconvenience for the inconvenience, but we note that so thank you.
Closed: Saturday 12/30-1/4 (Thu)
◆ in order to 12/28 29 the next day shipping via arrange.
(Depending on the product cannot be shipped to 29 May)
• Order of 12/29 is very grateful that shipment early this year and five days later.

Today, will open fine.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday Christmas Eve!
Everyone today is what?

The normal Sunday with our holiday shop
Sunday's end of the year! Today as usual, open ~!

Under new year's for tea with YaME-tea information

Auspicious eighty in YaME-tea picking
Formulated with carefully selected YaME-tea
A little luxury still tea new year to celebrate?

This is a limited edition 100 bags.
Do not increase the production.
Please ask at your earliest convenience(*^_^*)

I received a nice picture(*´▽`*)

Hello, YaME tea honpo tree tokuan fujiyoshi!

We introduce today I received a cute letter.

In the LINE images has been sent from the Kurume city the other day, had purchased the gargle for green tea K!

It is here ↓

It seems every day, to gargle with tea(*Be é ∀ ' *)

I am happy ~! Solid tea gargles with habits!

I think I can feel the effect really.(*^ Ω ^ *)

To busy you shouldn't be taken cold or flu!

Hi, this is YaME tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida.

Extremly cold loooove ~!

Anyway, it seems I'm nationwide cold streak today.
Please please note that colds and flu.
Last year developed a gargle for green tea.
When it gets cold we offer.

Tea component EGCG is really amazing.
Gargle with tea and bactericidal effect of catechin in the
Demonstrate the amazing effect in the prevention of colds and flu.
My own daily practice tea gargles,
Knowing the hospital will appeal it ~!

Indeed this is not me.(smile)

To you the gifts of products not yet decided!

Hi, this is YaME tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida.
Please thank you.
What gifts are you ready?
That is our only Miyama city
She conducts free delivery service.
And how busy that we can't come to the shop
And the destination city, but I can not directly from and to.
But shipping it!...
Those who use.
Miyama city brings you free of charge.
Miyama town near better, please contact us.

Daily coffee break most was stiff time "shaggy" new release!

Hi, this is YaME tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida.
Thank you very much!
Well, today is the new product information.
Daily tea, one show for roasting bags.
The original tea BREW in a pot is
It is the modern all busy!
◆ about tea daily for customers took the survey.
Nice easy I usually drink tea.(40Young women)
And all the way to yuzamashi and 淹renai.(30Young women)
, Your tea will making it in boiling water.(30Young women)
-Convenient tea bags with a string.(40Young women)
• Bride buy plastic bottles of tea, but I hate it.(50Young women)
And wants to put it in a bottle, but in a small teapot BREW takes effort.(40Young women)
And I usually use tea "quickly and easily in a short time" but asked.
Daily coffee break almost gone stiff try time "shaggy".

Tag(Thong)With 2 g of the triangular tetratype is for roasting green tea bags.
One is for roasting, even large mug comes fully.
35It is two types of pieces and large-capacity 80 pieces.
From this would be very handy to the holidays end.(*´▽`*)

Aging kuradashi tea "seasonal lid every time" is a special tax and shipping!

Hi, this is YaME tea honpo tree tokuan fujiyoshi.

Today is the aging kuradashi tea"Shun the lid every time.Of
The next station is buying bargain together.

Seasonal lid new tea every time, from may of this year,
During the summer months and tea-only low-temperature warehouse stock(Lay)
9This is from late October began selling tea.

Can sleep during the summer months, take fresh tea characteristic greenish
Mellow, sweet strong tea.

Usually autumn(9Late)From the sale by the end of the
I'll be honest and

I too make a little!

So from this year-end holiday season there seems to be
Super bargain makes bulk purchases was.

Is usually 1 bag 648 yen.
4Put together bags buy shippingAnd
Spatsu and feeling good
2,000yenIn the?!

Even if made too
So incredibly
Inventory is not there because
Gone as soon as you're done!

I'm at the store I,
I would probably disappear in a few days.

Because no matter how convenient.

In why we thank you!
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