Cold temperature activities support the prevention corner!

YaME-tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida is.

As was announced yesterday, today and tomorrow are our Miyama city fall event, "entire sourced the Miyama-Autumn Festival" is.

Today was busy from morning(^_^;)

I mentioned yesterday, the temperature active support could corner.

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It is holding until tomorrow.

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Saturday and Sunday wholly sourced Festival, opened Miyama-fall!

YaME-tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida is.

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Well, the upcoming weekend.(But to say that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow)
Our Miyama city fall event
"Entire sourced the Miyama-Autumn Festival" in will be opened.

Hall's in Miyama city library and setaka community area
We are divided into tent villages of West and East tent across the stage
Our shop will be opened West tent village.

Every year an annual YaME-tea tea cans heaping sales and
This year "cooling measures" as "hot live support.
We offer tea to warm the body.

The upcoming weekend(Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow)is
Entire Miyama-Shi Miyama fall sourced Festival to enjoy!

The Shimizu mountain foliage is a nice touch!


A Japanese tea specialty store that sticks to the blend of Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture
It is Uchida of "Yamecha Honpo Chitokuan".

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Well, today's Tree Tokuan is resting,
"Kiyomizuyama" near our store(1,200,000,000)The autumnal leaves of ]
The best time to see is here.

(Shimizu Yamamotobo Garden)

Today at Shimizu Yamamotobo Garden Parking Lot,
We have a product store,
Please come by all means!

Shimizu Yamamotobo Garden: 1117-4 Honkichi, Sekomachi, Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture
5 minutes from Miyama Yanagawa IC on Kyushu Expressway

Seasonal, limited quantities! I just taste left, only this time!


A Japanese tea specialty store that sticks to the blend of Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture
It is Uchida of "Yamecha Honpo Chitokuan".

Today there are only a few limited edition products! It is a guide.

Seasonal and limited quantities
"Autumn Picking Yame Tea 70g"

There's only a few left.(20About 100 pieces.)It became.

Autumn picking tea picked in early October, similar to GW's new tea season.
Aka Autumn Cold Tea(Shuryu icha)Also called
This unique flavor of autumn picking tea
In my words,
"Otona's Manly Tea"

By no means is there a little like the best tea,
After the bitterness of the punchy punch
A little sweetness comes chasing!

It can be said that it is a taste that gradually becomes habit.(smile)

From herePlease take a look!

Gargle with tea! Its strength!


Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Japanese tea specialty store that sticks to blending

YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan

I'm Uchida, the owner of the shop.

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It's cold this morning too! It's cold in November.

The commercial of the cold medicine is flowing bang, but does not everyone catch a cold?

TodayGarning with teaIt is a story.

I often hearthat it's good to garn't go with tea.

So what's good about tea garnies? It is a story.

[Purpose of garning]

Garging is the use of water (such as garnies or tea) to wash the oral cavity and throat.

Because the throat is directly in contact with the outside air, it is a place where bacteria, dust, mold, etc. are very easy to adhere to. By garting and physically washing away the dirt, you can keep your mouth and throat clean.

Water alone has a sufficient cleaning effect, but if you use garnies or tea, the active ingredient will also increase the effect of removing and sterilizing viruses and bacteria.

Cilia is growing in the mucous membrane of the throat, and by moving upward, foreign substances adhering to the mucous membrane are discharged. When garging to promote or moisturize the blood circulation of the throat, this cilia will move actively, and it is possible to enhance the biological defense function that discharges viruses and bacteria.

[Correct garning procedure]

Garging, just "rattle" the entrance of the throat, dirt can not be removed cleanly. It is considered the right way to garnine in order, divided into places.

1. They garn't garn
First of all, it shakes the mouth too much. Because the mouth is full of bacteria, it is not good to garnat your throat suddenly without sipping in the mouth.

Close your lips with water in your mouth, move your cheeks, rinse your mouth with "bukubuk" and "gujuguju", and remove the food and mucus. If you don't feel refreshed at once, it's a good idea to repeat it several times.

If you want to wash your mouth, if the elderly people who are prone to aspirations garnishe, you can just garnish.

Aspiration (goen: accidentally entering the trachea)

2. garning in one's throat
Then, again, with water in your mouth, turn up and garned your throat. If you garg while speaking "O" at this time, you can clean not only the mouth but also the back of the palate properly, and the effect of the more garning increases.

When the voice begins to tremble, it is evidence that the water reaches the back of the palate. The timing of spitting out is when the water gets lukewarm. It is a good idea to repeat the garning of the throat two to three.

4When children and the elderly under the age of you garg, watch over the people around you and be careful of falling in doubt.

3. Rinse your mouth
Finally, rinse your mouth with water. By rinsing to restore the pH in the mouth, the health of the teeth and oral cavity is maintained.

[Gargart with tea]

Once you've learned the purpose of garning and the right steps,Today's book "Tea Garning"

The effect of tea garnies has been demonstrated in a large experiment.

2The results of an experiment with tea garnies for 10,000 infants
A research group at Hamamatsu Medical University has announced that green tea garnishes have the effect of preventing colds.

The group conducted a large-scale survey of about 20,000 young children who did not garg, divide garged into tap water, salt water, and green tea, and examined the number of children who had a fever from a cold over 20 days.

Then, it was found that there were few children who had a fever in the group which garred compared with the child who did not gart.

In addition, the probability of not catching a cold was about 30% in tap water and about 50% in salt water compared to children who did not gargle, but when gargle with green tea, it was about 70%.

You know green tea."Catechin"It contains a bactericidal ingredient called. Therefore, it becomes sterilization of the throat by garging with green tea, and it becomes a prevention of the cold.
In addition, even after catching a cold, because it has the effect of disinfecting the inflammation of the throat, healing is faster.

In addition, the bactericidal effect of catechin is said to be very effective in addition to cold, for example, you can expect excellent effect as bad breath prevention and tooth decay measures!

[Effect of catechin]

Catechin is a kind of polyphenol that is unique to plants and is a source of astringency of green tea.

Catechins are noted for their various health benefits, but it has long been well known that green tea has a high bactericidal effect. It is said that the strong green tea that comes out when eating sushi also has the purpose of preventing food poisoning when eating raw food.

Catechins have antiviral actions that destroy the cell membranes of viruses and antibacterial effects that prevent bacteria from issuing toxins. This is a working called the bactericidal effect of catechins.

What kind of tea should I choose? 】

There are a lot of kinds of green tea, and the price is high to the cheap though it is said that green tea garnies in one bite.

Anyway, tea with lots of catechins is good!

Basically, Japanese tea (green tea) contains catechins in any kind of tea, but for example, high-quality tea "Gyokuro" which costs 2,000 yen or 3,000 yen for 100 grams is not realistic for gargling.

The best choice for garnies is a more reasonable tea than high-quality tea. Even if you go to a supermarket or a tea specialty store, the amount of contents is machimachi depending on the tea shop, but rather cheap tea, such as 298 yen or 398 yen, has more catechin content, and there is enough effect.

There are a lot of people who say that garging is quite troublesome, but if you make it a habit (anything is so), it will be unpleasant not to do it on the contrary.

Make green tea garnies a habit and spend a comfortable day without a cold this winter!

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A heap of delicious Yame tea tea cans brewed in hot water (about 300g)

Of course, it is very delicious even if I drink it.(Be: ')

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