I'm much better Japan tea is blended with delicious!!
Did you know that stick to blend in Miyama, Fukuoka, Japan tea shops?

Kyushu tea special blend "by(SEN)

♦ Fukuoka Prefecture from YaME-tea(We)
The southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, YaME(Stop)The tea can be caught in and around the city.
Is famous for its production of high grade teas 'tea', its quality is in Japan.
Characteristics of YaME-tea, though its unique flavor.
Tender sweet leaves from the nose after drinking is a popular private.

♦ saga of Ureshino tea(The joyful toys)
Tea in Ureshino City located on the border of Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture and the surrounding areas.
Official Nagasaki Prefecture, is being circulated as Ureshino tea use only the saga of Ureshino tea product.
Characteristics of Ureshino tea is kinda rounded Magatama(Bean shaped)Of the tea leaves.
Over roasted, is a mild aromatic taste.

♦ Kagoshima from chiran tea(Chilanufuma-CHAN)
Overwhelming production South in Kagoshima Prefecture Japan No. 2 production in Kyushu tea in the city.
As far as one side in a vast land of tea quality still tea is made.
Chiran tea features a deep steaming technique somewhat smaller tea leaves and a thick blue(Suishoku)。
And the spicy punch of umami flavor remains behind.

Kyushu blend tea
How to enjoy the "chosen"

(1) Please enjoy the gentle, sweet scented smell when you BREW the tea.

(2) in a brilliant dark green when brewed tea please feel its freshness.

(3) when tea containing mouth spread sweetness and flavor and richness to surprised.

Sweet peach (made in Fukuoka), Ureshino tea scented (Saga Prefecture), and tastiest chiran tea (from Kagoshima Prefecture)
Kyushu enlarge complacent sensibilities and made a
Kyushu tea special blend selection (SEN)
1Bag 100 g 1490 yen (tax included) so far

Trial size 40 g 490 Yen(Tax)

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